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linked adj : connected by a link, as railway cars or trailer trucks [syn: coupled, joined]

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Verb form

  1. past tense and past participle of the verb to link


  1. connected, either with links, or as if with links
  2. having links (between modules, records etc)

Derived terms

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  • Reciprocal link, two way links to and from websites, also known as "link swaps", "link exchanges" and "link partners"
  • Hyperlink, a reference in a hypertext document to another document or other resource
  • Links (web browser), a web browser for Unix-like systems
  • Magnet: URI scheme, a URI scheme for magnet links for downloading resources via peer-to-peer networks
  • , an HTML element that is used to link web pages with other resources such as Cascading Style Sheets


  • Hard link, a reference or pointer to physical data on a storage volume
  • Symbolic link, a special type of file that serves as a reference to another file


  • LINK+, an online library catalog
  • The Link Trainer, an early type of flight simulator


  • Linked list, a basic data structure
  • Static link, used in programming languages like Pascal to support nested functions, allowing a nested function to access the local variables of its parent
  • Linker, a program that takes one or more objects generated by compilers and assembles them into a single executable program
  • Links (programming language), a programming language for web applications


  • Hong Kong Link, a holding company for toll tunnels and bridges wholly owned by the Government of Hong Kong
  • Liberty in North Korea (LiNK), a human rights advocacy group
  • LINK or Project LINK, a United Nations project to build global macroeconomic models
  • The Link (organisation), a short-lived British organization founded in 1937 "to promote Anglo-German friendship"
  • The Link REIT, a real estate investment trust established by the Hong Kong Housing Authority to privatize shopping malls and carparks
  • LINKS, a collection of student run St John Ambulance units
  • The Links, Incorporated, an African-American female professional service organization
  • LINK (UK), an ATM network in the United Kingdom





  • Link TV, an independent American satellite television network


  • Link (film), a 1986 horror movie featuring an orangutan of that name
  • "Link", the ice age man in the 1992 American comedy film Encino Man

Fictional characters

Video games


  • Link (rapper), an American rapper
  • Links 2-3-4, a 2001 single by Rammstein
  • Link (album), a 1996 Goa trance album by Mathuresh
  • Link (song), a single by the Japanese band L'Arc-en-Ciel
  • WLNK (107. 9 the Link), a talk/hot adult contemporary radio station in Charlotte, North Carolina


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